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This section will enhance your daily management of emotions, peace of mind, clarity, manage stress and increase overall wellbeing.

Meditating is a simple practice with profound effects on psychological wellbeing. All emotions have different energy vibrations that in turn cause energetic levels in the body to respond. Meditation is a way to connect with those deep rooted energy levels and improve mental health.

Thoughts trigger emotions, and meditation is your key to re-programming subconscious thoughts and belief systems by tapping into higher emotional energy fields.

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What is the Holistic Brain Certification?

The Holistic Brain certification is an online learning and coaching program that allows you to learn at your own pace and get trained with live coaching calls. Plus get certified as a Holistic Brain practitioner. You can get certified with the purchase of the Advanced course which also gives you access to all courses available plus 1 year of the Holistic Brain membership.

What is the Holistic Brain Membership?

The Holistic Brain Membership is a monthly membership with access to live coaching calls, community chat and support plus FREE access to any new content added!

How do I get started with Aromatherapy?

Not all essential oils are alike, quality and naturally occurring chemical constituents matter in order to product beneficial results. To get started with a pure and high quality brand trusted by the Holistic Brain Institute click here: (link coming)

What curriculum does Dr. Danielle author?

Dr. Danielle has authored books, journal articles and curriculum for training programs. Most recently she authored a mental health & aromatherapy course for a Naturopath doctor training institute.

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